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Chris Schweizer - Phoenix / The Secret

January 26, 2014
Keeping a steady pace on his way up to success, Argentina’s Chris Schweizer will be a tough act to follow. With two refined and outstanding new productions, ‘The Secret’ and ‘Phoenix’, he makes sure he’s heard all across dance land. After a slew of hotly anticipated releases on A State of Trance, heavily supported by Armin van Buuren and many other trance legends, Chris Schweizer continues to wow the crowds. While ‘Phoenix’ is built on his impeccable ways with melody, energy and giving it that rough edge, ‘The Secret’ keeps the focus on the refreshing side of trance. Quality. 


  1. 1. Phoenix (Radio Edit) (02:34)
  2. 2. The Secret (Radio Edit) (02:26)
  3. 3. Phoenix (Original Mix) (05:13)
  4. 4. The Secret (Original Mix) (05:34)
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