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Chris Schweizer - Now Or Never / Alive

September 30, 2013
You said you needed energy? You might want to turn up the sounds on Chris Schweizers latest works then. 'Alive' and 'Now Or Never' bring two follow-ups to the Heatbeat collab smash that was 'Nasty'! There's a rough side to the trancy tunes of Buenos Aires based producer Chris Schweizer that makes them different. They're tunes with a bite, and lots of us love to take that bite. Armin van Buuren is one of them. We welcome Chris to the A State of Trance label, as he hits in with 'Alive' and 'Now Or Never'. Two solid bangers for nothing less than peak-time!


  1. 1. Now Or Never (Original Mix) (06:15)
  2. 2. Alive (Original Mix) (05:07)
  3. 3. Now Or Never (Radio Edit) (03:01)
  4. 4. Alive (Radio Edit) (02:52)
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