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Chris Schweizer - El Jefe / Accelerate / The Boogeyman

November 01, 2019
In the wake of his ‘Aftermath’ release, Chris Schweizer descends onto the dance floor with another triple-threat power pack. Threading the fine line between blistering Trance and the darkest depths of Techno with ‘El Jefe’, ‘Accelerate’ and ‘The Boogeyman’, the Argentinean DJ/producer is set to wreak havoc at stages across the globe.

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  1. 1. El Jefe (03:35)
  2. 2. Accelerate (03:28)
  3. 3. The Boogeyman (03:07)
  4. 4. El Jefe (Extended Mix) (06:30)
  5. 5. Accelerate (Extended Mix) (06:01)
  6. 6. The Boogeyman (Extended Mix) (06:05)
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