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Chris Schweizer & Chris Jones - Reason

December 03, 2012
Making the bass go boom since 2010, Argentina's producing talent Chris Schweizer lands the next highlight to his quickly growing stack of tunes. Fuelled with energy, 'Reason' is the mighty vocal collab with UK singer Chris Jones! Chris Schweizer has quite some stories to tell. Stories of loud, booming bass and raw electro edges, swirling with prog-driven trance. Musical stories that came in the shape of 'Let's Rock', 'Xeon' and 'Iris'. The Buenos Aires local is working himself up, winning prime time in the game of EDM. Courting the attention of singer Chris Jones, who's worked with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Roger Shah and Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren, it didn't take long until one of the first vocal Schweizer tunes was a fact. 'Reason' gives us an appetite for more. Much more! Fellow Argentine Tomas Heredia makes 'Reason' head for full impact, with a highly contagious big-room remix that defines his significant sound. Scotland's David Forbes unlocks the synth-driven anthem within 'Reason', built on melody and feel-good warmth.


  1. 1. Reason (Original Mix) (06:32)
  2. 2. Reason (Tomas Heredia Remix) (07:01)
  3. 3. Reason (David Forbes Remix) (07:15)
  4. 4. Reason (Radio Edit) (03:00)
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