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Chris Reece - The Divine Circle

September 24, 2010
The sound of Chris Reece has travelled all the way from the echoing Alps of Switzerland to the hip and happening hotspots of club-land. No place is safe to the warm, positive sound of Christian Hirt and Roberto Pagliaro. Taking the world by storm, track by track, it’s now time for the next step in their musical career: their debut album ‘The Divine Circle’. While Roberto perfected his DJ skills and has spent most of his years conquering the clubs, Christian has clocked up more than 70 weeks in the Swiss single chart with his productions and collabs. A mutual passion for dance music , saw these guys teaming up in 2007 and heading off in the same direction: up. Roberto and Christian kicked off the next chapter in their career with a more underground, progressive house sound. Chris Reece was born. With Roberto as the clubbing spirit and Christian the producing virtuoso of the duo, they’ve taken their success to higher levels, arousing the dance scene with tracks like ‘The Fall’, ‘Suave’, ‘Salvation’ and ‘Still Breathin’. And there’s plenty more to come. On their debut album ‘The Divine Circle’, Chris Reece shows exactly what they’re made of: a mix of catchy house, deep progressive and a pinch of trance. Strong, catchy tracks that don’t only serve their purpose on the floor, but also work well outside the club-surroundings. On ‘The Divine Circle’, Chris Reece joins forces with world-famous vocalists like Nadia Ali, Sam Obernik, Abigail Bailey, Colton Ford and many more. After years of hard work, successful releases and remixes, time spent in and outside the studio – but with music always in mind – the Chris Reece circle is ready.  The Divine Circle is complete.


  1. 0. Chris Reece - Headonism (05:11)
  2. 0. Chris Reece & Nadia Ali - The Notice (05:42)
  3. 0. Chris Reece & Luciana Di Nardo - Still Breathin' (04:43)
  4. 0. Chris Reece - The Divine Circle (05:00)
  5. 0. Chris Reece feat. Sam Obernik - Heart Without A Face (05:21)
  6. 0. Chris Reece - Searching The Blackbox (03:46)
  7. 0. Chris Reece feat. Romina Andrews - Right Back (04:21)
  8. 0. Chris Reece - Madonna's Secret (04:24)
  9. 0. Chris Reece feat. Luciana Di Nardo - I'm With You (04:37)
  10. 0. Chris Reece feat. Abigail Bailey - Shades Of Blue (04:38)
  11. 0. Chris Reece - Island Of Love (05:24)
  12. 0. Chris Reece - Overflow (04:28)
  13. 0. Chris Reece feat. Colton Ford - Tonight (05:13)
  14. 0. Chris Reece - Salvation (04:04)
  15. 0. Chris Reece feat. Jennifer Needles - Never Let Me Go (04:26)
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