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Chris Reece feat. Jennifer Needles - Never Let Me Go

July 11, 2011
In 2007, a new and remarkable sound came echoing from the Swiss Alps. A warm, positive sound it was, created by the two multi-talented musicians Christian Hirt and Roberto Pagliaro. Under their Chris Reece moniker, they've taken the world by storm. In September 2010, they gathered five years of musical experience in their highly anticipated debut album 'The Divine Circle'. Taken from that multi-styled masterpiece, is their latest release: 'Never Let Me Go'. On 'Never Let Me Go', the duo sweetens your spring. Layer on layer, they put together catchy house sounds and deep proggy elements to twist with a pinch of trance. Making a perfect fit to all this, is the soothing voice of Jennifer Needles. Her voice gives the track that extra bit of feel-good, to turn it into a summer-inspired, melodic anthem that won't leave your head any time soon.


  1. 0. Never Let Me Go (Extended Dub Mix) (06:44)
  2. 0. Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix) (07:14)
  3. 0. Never Let Me Go (Radio Edit) (03:00)
  4. 0. Never Let Me Go (Album Mix) (04:26)
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