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Chris Metcalfe - Cala Bassa

July 18, 2011
It was early in 2010, when Ireland's number one DJ John O'Callaghan had just founded his 'Subculture' label. At the same time, up and coming talent Chris Metcalfe and his prime time tech-trancer 'Outback' stopped by, turning into the second ever release of John's new found label. Now, with the Subculture label going into its adult phase, it's time for Chris to take charge of a follow-up release. And there we go, with the mighty 'Cala Bassa'. As heard on 'First Encounter' and its floor-filling follow-up 'Outback', Chris proves to have a sixth sense for heart-pounding rhythms and foot-killing beats, blended with heartfelt soundscapes. He makes no exception with 'Cala Bassa', providing the Subculture label a warp-speed trancers that'll get your blood pumping to its very own rhythm, no matter if you choose its original or one of the strong remixes. Polish newcomer A.R.D.I. is one of the producers that added some of his magic to 'Cala Bassa'. He dropped the tempo to deliver a more uplifting sounding translation of the track. If you're into the harder sounds, Wezz Deval steps up as a proud member of the Dutch tech trance force, awaiting you with a remix all about techy sounds and movement. If you want to be rocking hard, this is one E.P. you can't miss!


  1. 0. Cala Bassa (Original Mix) (08:02)
  2. 0. Cala Bassa (Wezz Devall Remix) (06:36)
  3. 0. Cala Bassa (A.R.D.I. Remix) (06:45)
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