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Chicane - From Where I Stand (2019 Rework)

October 18, 2019
‘Offshore’ orchestrator Nick Bracegirdle emerges from ‘The Place You Can’t Remember, The Place You Can’t Forget’ to give ‘From Where I Stand’ a fresh viewpoint for 2019. Now giving the dancefloor something to think about, refitting the star-chasing vocals of Lucie Kay, the ‘Giants’ perspective is powered by kinky bassline zips providing tremendously funky grit, groove and swing. Generating friction in an otherwise chilled atmosphere, Chicane now has a clubber you can both unwind with and wind up your waist to.

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  1. 1. From Where I Stand (2019 Rework) (03:28)
  2. 2. From Where I Stand (2019 Extended Rework) (05:27)
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