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Chicane feat. Senadee - No More I Sleep

May 25, 2014
The man and master, the legend himself Chicane is back once again with another scorching tune. Chicane's always been one to set the tone for summer in Ibiza, and with 'No More I Sleep' he brings the magic once again. Senadee was an inspired choice for vocalist - his performance brings an already memorable tune to staggering new heights. Rounding out the release are remixes from Antillas & Dankann, DC Rockin, and WestFunk, who all convey the energy and spirit of the original record through innovative and exciting new directions. Make no mistake - this is a big one!


  1. 1. No More I Sleep (Radio Edit) (04:09)
  2. 2. No More I Sleep (Antillas & Dankann Radio Edit) (03:12)
  3. 3. No More I Sleep (WestFunk Radio Edit) (03:03)
  4. 4. No More I Sleep (DC Rockin Radio Edit) (02:56)
  5. 5. No More I Sleep (Original Mix) (06:08)
  6. 6. No More I Sleep (Antillas & Dankann Remix) (05:12)
  7. 7. No More I Sleep (WestFunk Remix) (05:05)
  8. 8. No More I Sleep (DC Rockin Club Mix) (05:43)
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