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Chicane feat. Rosalee O'Connell - Nirvana (Remixes)

October 05, 2018
From the Balearic vibes of the original taken from Chicane’s ‘The Place You Can’t Remember, The Place You Can’t Forget’ album to the upbeat Swung Club Mix and two House-scented remixes from Danny Dove and Dean-E-G, this remix package has it all for the clued-up dance music lover. No matter which version you pick, this song will bring you one step closer to ‘Nirvana’.

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  1. 1. Nirvana (03:04)
  2. 2. Nirvana (Swung Club Mix) (03:04)
  3. 3. Nirvana (Danny Dove Remix) (03:30)
  4. 4. Nirvana (Dean-E-G Remix) (02:52)
  5. 5. Nirvana (Album Version) (03:17)
  6. 6. Nirvana (Extended Swung Club Mix) (04:48)
  7. 7. Nirvana (Danny Dove Extended Remix) (05:03)
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