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Charlie Dee - Have It All (The Remixes)

August 23, 2010
We've all been there. It's the middle of the night and no matter how many sheep you try counting, mister Sandman just won't pay you a visit. More often than not, it leads to nothing but a tiring day, but in Charlie Dée's case, it was everything she could ever wish for. It was one of those sleepless moments that the Dutch singer and songwriter wrote her track 'Have It All'. Melancholic, but still with a feel-good sound to it, it deals with both the beauty and pain of life. Not only is it the first single of her 'Husbands & Wives' album, but it was also featured in the commercial of a big Dutch funeral service. It didn't take long for the music lovers to find out who the voice behind this beauty was: Charlie Dée. The track caught so much attention that producers queued up, wanting to rework it. Amongst them was no one less than Tiësto. The Dutch dance sensation loved the track so much, that he translated the original into a stunning trance version, emotional and addictive. High peaks and deep, melodic spins swirl in synergy, making his remix one that'll stick to mind for many more memorable moments in life, whether night or day. Estonian DJ and producer Madis Sillamo works his way up under the Beat Service moniker with tracks like 'Cut & Run' and 'Waiting For The Sun'. On 'Have It All', he presents a tempting vocal trance version. Deep, melodic and euphoric. Support by: Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, Paul Oakenfold, Rank 1, Ashley Wallbridge, Lange, Dave Pearce, TyDi, Myon & Shane 54, Matt Hardwick


  1. 0. Have It All (Tiësto Remix) (08:31)
  2. 0. Have It All (Beat Service Remix) (08:20)
  3. 0. Have It All (Tiësto Radio Mix) (03:32)
  4. 0. Have It All (Beat Service Dub Mix) (07:35)
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