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Nash & Pepper feat. Rogue Raven - Changed (Sherano 2019 Remix)

August 30, 2019
A Low Countries head to head as Dutchman Sherano takes on Belgian duo Nash & Pepper and regular collaborator Rogue Raven, to show what’s ‘Changed’ since the release of the original in 2010. A swell of in-and-out synths causes a ball of anxiety, met with fiery lines riding through the turbulence. A pivotal, poignant breakdown gets vaporised and the vibe redesigned by a computerised riff climaxing the track into overdrive. An emotional whirlwind bursting over the tingling trance of the first edition.

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  1. 1. Changed (Sherano 2019 Remix) (03:47)
  2. 2. Changed (Sherano 2019 Extended Remix) (05:58)
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