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Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren with Rank 1 - Witness

March 19, 2012
America's infamous trio Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren are back in business and making sure you know it. Together with Dutch duo Rank 1, they present the first single of their upcoming artist album, 'Witness'! Since 2008, C,M&J have been making waves with tracks like 'Light The Skies', 'You Never Said', 'Beggin' You' and Dash Berlin collab 'Man On The Run'. Matt Cerf, Shawn Mitiska and Jaren Cerf stand for a sound that is unlike others. The same applies to Dutch duo Rank 1, with Benno de Goeij and Piet Bervoets as the masterminds behind egendary classics such as 'Airwave', 'Such Is Life' and '. L.E.D. There Be Light'. When the musical synergy of 5 collided into one, 'Witness' became the stunning result. A melodic, melancholic prog-trancer, heavily supported by the DJ elite and loved by the crowd. And now, finally out on the beloved Armind label! Swiss duo Chris Reece searched for the perfect prog-house interpretation of 'Witness', and found it! Argentinean talent Tomas Heredia gave 'Witness' a big-room stimulation, bursting with energy.


  1. 1. Witness (Original Club Mix) (08:00)
  2. 2. Witness (Tomas Heredia Remix) (07:37)
  3. 3. Witness (Chris Reece Remix) (06:46)
  4. 4. Witness (Chris Reece Instrumental Mix) (06:46)
  5. 5. Witness (Radio Edit) (03:04)
  6. 6. Witness (Tomas Heredia Radio Edit) (03:59)
  7. 7. Witness (Acoustic Mix) (03:11)
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