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CE3SAR - Lakota

October 21, 2013
One of the crowd favourites of the Universal Religion Chapter 7 compilation, is Ilan Bluestone's take on Ce3sar's 'Lakota'. A powerful tune by one of the hottest names in electronic music right now. Time to let ourselves be taken away by it. Growing from a bedroom producer yet to be discovered, to one of the most promising talents the scene has to offer, Ilan Bluestone has no time getting used to his new status. Propelled to rising talent in no time, his tracks 'Namaste', 'Capetown' and remixes for Paul van Dyk, BT and Tritonal soon got the support of the big names. And here he is today, taking a giant leap forward. His take on Ce3sar's 'Lakota' is one big chunk of energy, with a thumping bassline, warm melodies and a break that sends everyone right back to Ibiza's Privilege, where Armin's UR7 was recorded. Quality!


  1. 1. Lakota (ilan Bluestone Remix) (07:05)
  2. 2. Lakota (ilan Bluestone Radio Edit) (03:26)
Keplar quality