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BT & Adam K - Tomahawk

October 31, 2011
Kept exclusive to the Universal Religion Chapter 5 compilation, but now unlocking a collaboration that hits in time and again, BT and Adam K present 'Tomahawk'. Taking the art of producing to an entirely different level, is the challenge of both Adam K & BT. BT, classically trained and Grammy nominated producer, composer, singer and songwriter, looks back upon 6 artist albums and focuses on an unstoppable drive to keep the crowd moving. Canada's Adam K clocked up more than 15 years of experience, earning a place in the beating heart of dance society with collabs 'Twilight', 'From The Speaker' and 'Question'. Silence is never safe when these guys are around, so to fill it they now make the crowd ride the waves of 'Tomahawk'. Moving the Universal Religion Chapter 5 listeners with a sound that seduces the prog lovers just as much as the trance addicts, driven by playful elements and electrifying surprises. 'Tomahawk' rocked the US chart straight after its release on UR5, and surely will stir things up for a long time to go.


  1. 0. Tomahawk (Original Mix) (09:07)
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