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Bryan Kearney - Get the Edge / High Anxiety

November 05, 2012
Throughout the nearly 10 years of his career, Irishman Bryan Kearney never lost his spark. He doubles your pleasure with a new E.P. on the Subculture label. Hold on, cause the playful 'Get The Edge' and techy 'High Anxiety' are about to kick in. He is not only known for the legendary collaboration with John O'Callaghan entitled 'Exactly', but also making his mark through the beats of 'The Walrus', 'Goosebumps' and 'Ong Namo. Bryan Kearney still stands at the very top of the production league. With relentless energy, he provides new weapons to batter those ears and smash the floors. 'Get The Edge' and 'High Anxiety' follow the same route, all the way down to the 5 am dance floors to dance off that last bit of energy. 'Get The Edge' being the melodic, funky tune that teases, 'High Anxiety' being the pay-off to a deep, dark night.


  1. 1. Get The Edge (Original Mix) (07:06)
  2. 2. High Anxiety (Original Mix) (07:28)
  3. 3. Get The Edge (Radio Edit) (04:17)
  4. 4. High Anxiety (Radio Edit) (04:12)
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