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Boy Kiss Girl - Bring It On Home

February 17, 2017
Part of being a platinum status elite traveler means being by yourself. A lot. The glory, the glamor, the sophistication of touring party to party has it’s downsides. Even though The Bearded Man fancies himself something of a playboy, few people realize that he has to get from party to party in order to BE at every significant party on earth. This means waiting in line. This means flying. This means boating to that rarefied remote location known as the Pitcairn Islands, home of the mutiny on the bounty. Sure, he spent some time there. He even contemplated staying there. But at the end of his hiatus, he had to ask himself: Do I want to settle for what’s mine tonight? Or would I rather go for what’s perpetually out of my reach? Think about it.


  1. 1. Bring It On Home (02:24)
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