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Breathe Carolina feat. KARRA - Platinum Hearts (Remixes)

February 26, 2016
Set to build on the momentum created by the slamming original version of 'Platinum Hearts', two splendid remixes of Breathe Carolina's masterpiece have arrived. With both the melodious rendition of Suspect 44 and the ravaging Reez Club Mix, 'Platinum Hearts' has been reawakened to dominate dance floors once more. Make sure that you come fully prepared, because these remixes are more than enough of a reason for night-long dancing and all that comes with it.


  1. 1. Platinum Hearts (Suspect 44 Radio Edit) (03:33)
  2. 2. Platinum Hearts (Reez Club Edit) (02:54)
  3. 3. Platinum Hearts (Suspect 44 Remix) (05:01)
  4. 4. Platinum Hearts (Reez Club Mix) (03:52)
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