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Boy Kiss Girl - Wasting Time

October 11, 2017
’Twas a bonnie time in Ye Olde Scotland. Of course, it wasn’t so much the country as it was a Scottish cafe entitled Ye Olde Scotland. They had haggis, they had bagpipes - they had everything you would expect in a Scottish-themed restaurant in Houston, Texas. Oh don’t bother looking for it, it doesn’t exist anymore. The Bearded Man ended up there, and it certainly wasn’t one of his proudest moments, that’s for sure. However, he did see quite the comely lass there, a young girl by the name of LeAnn Rimes, who, as chance would have it, had absolutely no relationship with the famous singer/songwriter of the same name. Still, while The Bearded Man whiled away his 9-hour layover before his next flight, the two wasted some quality hours together playing shuffleboard. Nothing good came of it, but the experience was pleasant while it lasted, and yes, there was a kiss.
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