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Boris Dlugosch feat. Róisín Murphy - Look Around You

May 24, 2013
The creative minds of the legendary Moloko project return with a new piece of eclectic taste. Producer Boris Dlugosch teams up with singer Roisin Murphy once more, hitting the depths of deep-house, garage and lounge with 'Look Around You'.Remember 'Sing It Back'? Moloko's 1998 hit was and still remains one of the most played radio hits of the late 90's. 15 years later, the mastermind behind it, Boris Dlugosch, returns with some new fuel to fire. Together with Moloko singer Roisin Murphy, he brings the easy-going 'Look Around You'. A warm flowing, smooth tune that'll easily get stuck on repeat.For those looking for a more club-friendly version, check out the Maxxi Soundsystem, Chopstick & Johnjon and Raik remixes!


  1. 1. Look Around You (Radio Edit) (03:37)
  2. 2. Look Around You (Chopstick & Johnjon Radio Edit) (03:34)
  3. 3. Look Around You (Original Mix) (06:50)
  4. 4. Look Around You (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) (06:54)
  5. 5. Look Around You (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix) (07:20)
  6. 6. Look Around You (Raik Remix) (07:15)
  7. 7. Look Around You (Instrumental Mix) (06:50)
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