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Booka Shade - Love Inc

December 09, 2013
Booka Shade singles have historically been both underground sensations and club hits (such as ‘Mandarine Girl’ and ‘Body Language’) and new single ‘Love Inc’ looks set to follow in those footsteps. ‘Love Inc’ is infused with pure club sound, paying a contemporary homage to Chicago’s former king of house, Lil Louis, whose 1992 hit ‘Club Lonely’ serves as the track’s sample. Friend and art director Thomas Hayo was brought on board to direct the song’s music video in the vein of their last collaboration on “Sweet Lies”. Love Inc comes with remixes by Hot Since 82, Butch, Emperor Machine, Richie G and ABBY.


  1. 1. Love Inc (Radio Edit) (03:41)
  2. 2. Love Inc (Original Mix) (06:46)
  3. 3. Love Inc (Booka's Deep Inc Radio Mix) (03:52)
  4. 4. Love Inc (Booka's Deep Inc Mix) (06:56)
  5. 5. Love Inc (Hot Since 82 Remix) (07:09)
  6. 6. Love Inc (Booka's Dirt Mix) (07:23)
  7. 7. Love Inc (ABBY Remix) (07:10)
  8. 8. Love Inc (Emperor Machine Remix) (10:010)
  9. 9. Love Inc (Butch Remix) (05:46)
  10. 10. Love Inc (Richie G Remix) (08:44)
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