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Bobina with Andrew Rayel - Sacramentum

June 10, 2013
The future of trance is in safe hands. Flag-bearers of the next generation of trance producers, we find Andrew Rayel and Bobina doing what they do best: make the crowds explode. 'Sacramentum' is the first of hopefully many more collaborations of the two future promises. These are exciting times for trance lovers. With the scene exploding in the US, Asia and many other territories in the world, it's only a matter of time until the entire globe dances to the sounds of uplifting, the flows of melody and the bass of depth. One of the biggest discoveries in trance producer land is, without doubt, Moldovian producer Andrew Rayel. Warming up for his debut album, he teamed up with Russian mastermind Bobina. Together, they rise to great heights. 'Sacramentum' is the intricate affair that balances a spellbinding vocal sample with a mind-blowing melody and a pay-off that's so big, it's going to be the highlight to any night out.


  1. 1. Sacramentum (Bobina Megadrive Mix) (06:33)
  2. 2. Sacramentum (Andrew Rayel Aether Mix) (07:41)
  3. 3. Sacramentum (Bobina Megadrive Radio Edit) (03:17)
  4. 4. Sacramentum (Andrew Rayel Aether Radio Edit) (04:14)
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