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Blake Jarrell - Boracay / Manila

August 03, 2009
American DJ/producer Blake Jarrell has had an excellent 2009 so far. Travelling the world to promote his 'Concentrate 2009' album was a part of daily reality to this youngster. Luckily, he also managed to retire to his studio every once in a while, to take the inspiration he found along the way into his productions. With a brand new EP on the Electronic Elements label, Blake shows to be more than just open-minded. Though often placed into the prog-trance corner, Blake's production style surely doesn't fit a one word description. Even though he'll always have a weak spot for progressive and trance tracks, it's also the tech-house genre that lures. Thought producing in this type genre isn't new to him, hence his 'Hosoi' and 'Kaupas' releases, he does bring something new to the table. 'Boracay' is a dreamy, progressive track that has a feel-good sound to it. On the other side there's 'Manila', which is the complete opposite of 'Boracay'. A little techy, with crazy little electric effects and a deep, bass-driven tech-house sound. 'Manila' loops and builds up to pure madness. Madness that doesn't even come close to trance. If he hadn't proven to be a multi-styled producer already, he sure does it with this EP.


  1. 0. Boracay (Original Mix) (07:07)
  2. 0. Boracay (Bass Stem) (07:07)
  3. 0. Boracay (Efx Stem) (07:07)
  4. 0. Boracay (Perc Stem) (07:07)
  5. 0. Boracay (Synth Stem) (07:07)
  6. 0. Manila (Original Mix) (09:40)
  7. 0. Manila (Bass Stem) (09:40)
  8. 0. Manila (Efx Stem) (09:40)
  9. 0. Manila (Perc Stem) (09:40)
  10. 0. Boracay (Original Mix) (07:07)
  11. 0. Manila (Original Mix) (09:40)
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