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Bjorn Akesson - Castle Technology / Hello Space

March 25, 2012
No longer the hidden jewel of the Swedish league of producers, Bjorn Akesson pushes his sound with another strong duo of musical bliss. 'Castle Technology' and 'Hello Space' are ready to move the world! From his early works of 'Perfect Blue' and 'Painting Pyramids' to his latest vocal tune 'Xcantic' with songstress Jwaydan, Bjorn Akesson has come a long end since first bursting onto the scene. As one of the household names of the Future Sound of Egypt family, he represents the sound that reaches deep into the core of trance lovers. But mind you, this producer is no one-trick pony, as he fluently blends EDM's many genres. 'Castle Technology', already making waves on the Future Sound of Egypt Vol. 2 compilation, balances a filmic theme of piano and strings with a solid trance structure. A pounding production, with the Akesson trademark sound. On the other side, you'll find 'Hello Space', a pleasant blend of lush prog and energetic trance. Playful and heading your way!


  1. 1. Castle Technology (Original Mix) (08:32)
  2. 2. Hello Space (Original Mix) (08:08)
  3. 3. Castle Technology (Radio Edit) (02:59)
  4. 4. Hello Space (Radio Edit) (03:20)
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