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KeeMo feat. Cosmo Klein - Beautiful Lie

May 04, 2012
In August 2011, it was the soothing prog-houser 'Beautiful Lie' which hit in. A tune by German producers Alex Breuer and Manfred Maraun. A contagious beat-ballad, energizing and perfect for summer. Now that the spring of 2012 has hit in, it's time to bring it back to the floors. The strong remix of Chuckie, Ortzy & Nico Hamuy takes you right on to the days of summer. Bursting with energy, riding the warm vocals and taking you higher with its seductive melody.


  1. 1. Beautiful Lie (Chuckie, Ortzy & Nico Hamuy Radio Edit) (03:35)
  2. 2. Beautiful Lie (Chuckie, Ortzy & Nico Hamuy Remix) (06:42)
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