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Beatman & Ludmilla - Bazantar

October 07, 2013
A strong set of original productions and remixes have not only launched Beatman and Ludmilla to the top of their genre, but have also made them firm favourites with Paul Oakenfold. Having heavily supported them in his sets and compilations, as well as employing their remixing services several times (Tokyo, Resurrection) The prospect of a debut single caused mass hysteria in the Perfecto office. Enter "Bazantar", the first original production from Beatman and Ludmilla on Perfecto Records. It's breaks, it's massive, it kicks like a rabid donkey and it has a huge eastern vibe with enough bass to hit the brown note. Oh and did we mention it features and enormous remix from Mr Oakenfold? To quote our good friend Captain Birdseye, "you've found our gold, now tuck in"


  1. 1. Bazantar (Paul Oakenfold Remix) (04:54)
  2. 2. Bazantar (Original Mix) (05:00)
Keplar quality