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Beat Service - Fortuna

June 25, 2012
He is one of Coldharbour's go-to anthem makers, and is set to strike again as the 2012 summer season approaches. An absolute must for every liveset, Estonia's Beat Service comes under focus with Fortuna. It is the latest in a string of outstanding efforts by Madis Sillamo. Already cementing his Coldharbour legacy for life with his incredible Outsider, he followed up with an equally energetic interpretation of Markus Schulz's Dakota track Saints. Expectations were high for a followup, and not only did Fortuna shine as a highlight in the Los Angeles '12 compilation, it has been a constant in both Markus and Armin van Buuren's livesets over the past few months. Built for the clubs and festivals, Fortuna exemplifies the best Beat Service qualities - tough, techy and energetic, with plenty of uplifting elements to put smiles on faces. It has lit up the biggest events in 2012 - from the Global DJ Broadcast monthly World Tour series to A State of Trance's 550 celebrations; and from the Ultra Music Festival to the Electric Daisy Carnivals, thousands upon thousands of clubbers have voiced their approval. With the Ibiza season in earnest, Fortuna is a genuine contender to be one of the signature soundtrack moments of the island this summer. The sound of Beat Service continues to blossom.


  1. 1. Fortuna (Original Mix) (07:26)
  2. 2. Fortuna (Radio Edit) (03:48)
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