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Beat Service - Back Of Beyond / Vision Of The Lost

December 13, 2009
Estonian producer Madis Sillamo is on for his first original Armada release. He already gave a little introduction with his proggy remix of Rex Mundi's 'Nothing At All', which turned out to be a great warm-up to this EP. Madis shows what he's made off with 'Back Of Beyond' and 'Vision Of The Lost' on the Coldharbour Red label under his Beat Service moniker. Beat Service blends the typical big room Coldharbour sound with his very own progressive depth. A surprising combo that works more than well. While 'Back Of Beyond' builds up gently and unfolds into a rich, melodic work of progressive tranquility, 'Vision of the Lost' mainly activates the dance senses, with refined kicks and rousing synths. A perfect fit for the Coldharbour Red label!


  1. 1. Back Of Beyond (Original Mix) (08:24)
  2. 2. Vision Of The Lost (OriginalMix) (08:02)
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