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Audio Bastardz - Come On!

April 22, 2013
Hit by a constant flow of inspiration, the rocking tunes of Dutch duo Audio Bastardz just keep coming. If you’re on the look-out for something spicy, big-bassed and melodic, try their ‘Come On!’. All different flavours of house, club and techno unite in the boom that is ‘Come On!’. The title says it all, with the tune providing a strong dose of energy. Lighting the nocturnal hours with its luminous melody, catchy rhythm and punchy bassline, ‘Come On!’ makes a solid follow-up to the rocking ‘Bionic’, ‘Detroit’ and ‘Drop The Beat’. Audio Bastardz kill it right here. 


  1. 1. Come On! (Original Mix) (06:07)
  2. 2. Come On! (Radio Edit) (03:33)
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