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Audien feat. Michael S. - Leaving You

October 14, 2013
Some tunes simply stand out, and you know they're destined for something big. One of those is the Audien & Michael S. collab, 'Leaving You'. A big hit and radio favorite in the US, and a festival banger all across the globe, it now sees 2 shiny new remixes out. Prepare, for the remixes of Thomas Newson and David Gravell. Two Dutch talents giving their very own interpretation to one of the catchiest tunes in a long time. Mainstage Recordings favourite David Gravell gives it a tasty big-room stir with a strong build-up and lots of room for melody. A synth-driven goodie. Thomas Newson takes the electro path, delivering a highly energetic remix with lots of playful details. Outstanding!


  1. 1. Leaving You (Thomas Newson Radio Edit) (03:07)
  2. 2. Leaving You (David Gravell Radio Edit) (03:03)
  3. 3. Leaving You (Thomas Newson Remix) (04:50)
  4. 4. Leaving You (David Gravell Remix) (05:32)
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