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Audien feat. Michael S. - Leaving You

February 04, 2013
2012 has been an important year for both US producer Audien and singer/songwriter Michael S.. But mark our words, 2013 will be even bigger! Especially now that it kicks off with 'Leaving You', the first of hopefully many more collaborations of these promising talents. Making his debut in 2011 with the massive 'Mark Me Down', 2012 turned into a whirlwind of successes for Chicago's Michael S., from Blake Jarrell collab 'Say What You Will', to the solo hits of 'Broke' and 'Rewind'. Nate Rathbun - better known as Audien, walked the fine line of prog and house, from the warm 'Eleven Eleven' and 'Keep This Memory' to the rocking 'Sup'. Last year, his experiment with the more poppy side of prog-house resulted in the feel-good 'These Are The Days', which now gets an official follow-up in the shape of 'Leaving You'. Another prime time tune, bursting with energy. Classy, catchy and showing exactly why 2013 will be their year.


  1. 1. Leaving You (Original Mix) (05:48)
  2. 2. Leaving You (Dub Mix) (05:48)
  3. 3. Leaving You (Radio Edit) (03:34)
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