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Audien - Ciao

June 03, 2013
He is the next big thing to hit dance land. The future promise of EDM. For US producer Audien, the time is now. Keeping a high tide of quality tunes, he now brings the rocking track of 'Ciao' to Trice Recordings! Never short of the big-room factor, the Audien sound has become an understanding. From the incendiary sounds of 'Sup' to the catchy 'Leaving You' and deeper efforts 'Wayfarer' and 'Keep This Memory', each of his works share the same distinct sound. Another peak-timer is the eclectic affair of 'Ciao'. A tune that walks the edge of electro, house and prog, flirting with rock.


  1. 1. Ciao (Original Mix) (05:52)
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