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ATB feat. JanSoon - Gold

April 29, 2011
André Tanneberger a.k.a. ATB releases his 8th studio album 'Distant Earth' and pleases his worldwide fan base with an array of fantastic new songs. The first single 'Gold' with the unique vocals by JanSoon literally transcends the genres of dance, trance and pop. Besides the great Golden Fields Club Mix, there are massive remixes by no less than Dabruck & Klein as well as his studio colleague of many years Josh Gallahan. The world is ready and the clubs are waiting: for ATB feat. JanSoon and 'Gold'!!!


  1. 0. Gold (Golden Fields Airplay Mix) (03:58)
  2. 0. Gold (Golden Fields Club Mix) (07:55)
  3. 0. Gold (Dabruck & Klein Radio Cut) (03:26)
  4. 0. Gold (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (05:50)
  5. 0. Gold (Josh Gallahan Remix Edit) (03:47)
  6. 0. Gold (Josh Gallahan Remix) (07:09)
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