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Ashley Wallbridge - Zorro

May 22, 2012
One of EDM's hottest releases of 2012, has to be Ashley Wallbridge's debut album. One of the offshoots from 'The Inner Me', is the contagious, summer-spirited 'Zorro'. A brilliant, melodic piece of summer. As one of the 17 jewels from his 'The Inner Me' album, Ashley Wallbridge couldn't have picked a more fitting tune to lure the sun to come out. It's riding that Wallbridge trick, with a clean and simple but highly effective melody. A solid build-up, catchy bass and soundscape that lies in the midst of trance and progressive. 'Zorro' is all geared up for the summer season to kick in.


  1. 1. Zorro (Club Mix) (06:34)
  2. 2. Zorro (Album Mix) (05:49)
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