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Arty, Nadia Ali & BT - Must Be The Love

September 17, 2012
Three of EDM's powerhouses unite. Today's hottest talent, the award-winning singer and the godfather of trance and prog-house, all join forces on what will possibly be the biggest tune of the year. Arty, Nadia Ali and BT present 'Must Be The Love'.In the near future BT will release his new album, an accumulation of over 20 years of pioneering music and innovation in the dance music scene. Recognized for his unrivalled, technical skills in musical productions and endless creativity, it's no wonder he teamed up with only the very best names in EDM for his new single.With 'Must Be The Love', he brings together the beats of Russian prodigy Arty and the characteristic voice of lady Nadia Ali, walking the thin line of genre-busting melodies, percussion and much, much more. This must be the absolute winner of 2012.


  1. 1. Must Be The Love (Original Mix) (07:49)
  2. 2. Must Be The Love (Radio Edit) (04:39)
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