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Arnej - We Unite / True Lies

April 30, 2012
A regular contributor since the heady days of They Always Come Back, Toronto's Arnej Secerkadic makes a welcome return to Coldharbour with a big double release, exemplifying his distinctive take on chuggy yet melodic beats. Having made significant contributions to Markus Schulz's Los Angeles '12 release party celebrations and his inaugural Coldharbour Night during Winter Music Conference, Arnej's release of We Unite has found itself under the spotlight. Much like his previous efforts such as They Need Us, We Unite boasts the Canadian's typical rhythmic drive that's sure to get the dancefloors moving. True Lies offers a darker alternative, and yields a late in the night / afterhours style feel. With Arnej spearheading Coldharbour nights in Montreal and Seattle, it's sure to be a big favorite with the fans. Both We Unite and True Lies have received extensive play on Global DJ Broadcast. Both tracks should see Arnej's name pop up in the playlists of many over the coming months.


  1. 1. We Unite (Club Mix) (06:24)
  2. 2. True Lies (Original Mix) (05:50)
  3. 3. We Unite (Radio Edit) (03:38)
  4. 4. True Lies (Radio Edit) (03:48)
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