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Arnej - The Strings That Bind Us

June 07, 2010
Fallacy was reigning supreme when Arnej made up the first notes of his new A State of Trance release. There's no way around it. 'The Strings That Bind Us' has such a strong, eerie ambience, that its 9 minutes of pure delusion will send you off to an outside world where nothing but the music matters. Not that Arnej's trying to delude anyone, creating new sounds and worlds within them, is part of his nature. Thousands - if not millions - of souls have gone lost in the world of Arnej's productions, with 'They Always Come Back', 'Dust In The Wind', 'Tomorrow Never Comes' and 'Beginning of the End' taking soul by soul. After the more uplifting, anti-Arnej track 'They Need Us', the Canadian mastermind returns to his deep and dark prog-trance with 'The Strings That Bind Us'. Intense, deep-rooted synths swirl inside a maze of strings, intricate vocals effects and the surroundings of melodrama. With 'The Strings That Bind Us', Arnej's back doing the thing he's best in: creating new worlds with unforgettable, timeless productions. You'll find 'The Strings That Bind Us' not only on your mp3 player, rocking your stereo or down the clubs, but also on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2010'.


  1. 0. The Strings That Bind Us (Original Mix) (08:36)
  2. 0. The Strings That Bind Us (8 Wonders Mix) (07:17)
  3. 0. The Strings That Bind Us (Intro Mix) (09:13)
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