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Arnej - The Ones That Got Away

August 18, 2008
Canadian superproducer Arnej is pumping out great releases this year, with massive support on "They Always Come Back" it is time for his new single. This time Armin van Buuren signed him to his own label Armind. Like the previous release he made a broad range of mixes including the great intro, the original and the pumping Minimal Drum Dub!Keep an eye out on Arnej, there is more amazing music coming from him soon!!DJ Support:Armin van Buuren: Heavy support on this release!Markus Schulz: Great track by ArnejCosmic Gate: steady track in our sets!


  1. 0. The Ones That Get Away (Extended Intro Mix) (08:36)
  2. 0. The Ones That Get Away (Intro Mix) (07:51)
  3. 0. The Ones That Get Away (Lost Love Dub) (07:49)
  4. 0. The Ones That Get Away (Minimal Drum Dub) (07:22)
  5. 0. The Ones That Get Away (Original Mix) (08:06)
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