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Arnej - The Journey Unknown: Collected Works

September 24, 2010
Future is nothing but an open road, awaiting you with the unknown. Canadian producer Arnej Secerkadic challenges you to face it and take some steps into his music. Some of it undiscovered, some of it already known to those with an open mind and a keen ear for quality music. It’s no secret that Arnej knows his way around with deep, dark prog and high, tempting trance. He’s moved musical minds with floor-hits ‘They Always Come Back’, ‘Strangers We’ve Become’, ‘Dust In The Wind’ and is now taking over with brand new tracks ‘Closure’, ‘For The People’ and ‘The Journey Eleven’, produced especially for this compilation. On ‘The Journey Unknown: Collected Works’ Arnej takes over with a miles-long journey into his intricate and deep-layered music. Do you dare to step into the unknown?


  1. 0. Arnej - The Journey Unknown (Intro Mix Edit) (05:41)
  2. 0. Arnej - They Always Come Back (Original Mix) (06:46)
  3. 0. Arnej - For The People (Edit) (04:01)
  4. 0. Arnej - The Day Will Come (Original Mix Edit) (03:20)
  5. 0. Arnej - They Need Us (Original Mix) (06:47)
  6. 0. Arnej feat. Josie - Strangers We've Become (Vocal Mix) (07:08)
  7. 0. Arnej - The Strings That Bind Us (Original Mix) (08:36)
  8. 0. Arnej - Dust In The Wind (Original Mix) (07:56)
  9. 0. Arnej - The Ones That Get Away (Original Mix) (08:06)
  10. 0. Arnej - Closure (Outro) (02:30)
  11. 0. Arnej - The Journey Unknown (Full Continuous DJ Mix) (59:42)
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