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Arnej and 8 Wonders - Beginning Of The End / The Crossover

March 08, 2010
Looks like Canadian producer/DJ Arnej Secerkadic suffers from a small identity-crisis. A little schizophreny never harmed creativity though, so we welcome Arnej and his 8 Wonders moniker all together on this A State of Trance release. With two proggy flavoured Arnej tracks, 'They Need Us' and 'Ping Pong', going round the dance scene at the moment, the mastermind behind 'Strangers We've Become', 'They Always Come Back' and 'The Ones That Get Away' is off to a swift start of 2010. Those tracks were the perfect warm up for what was about to come, for this trancy duo is an absolute main course. The bulky beat of 'The Crossover' punches directly in the face, guided by a storm of distortion and dramatic synths. Driven by the unmistakable atmosphere of the 8Wonders moniker, Arnej made 'Beginning Of The End' reside on the darker side just the same, with another legendary, theatrical type of break. We'd like to think it's not the beginning of the end for Arnej, but more the end of the beginning. This talent is ready for the next phase in his already impressive musical career.


  1. 0. Beginning Of The End (Original Mix) (07:47)
  2. 0. The Crossover (Original Mix) (08:15)
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