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Armin van Buuren presents Gaia - Stellar

October 17, 2011
Though you'll rarely find anyone as down-to-earth as Armin van Buuren, the Dutchman still ever chases the shooting stars of music. Under his Gaia moniker, he created a spark with '4 Elements', 'Tuvan', 'Aisha' and the official ASOT 500 theme 'Status Excessu D'. Each piece a patiently crafted, well-thought out gem, worth an anthem's title. With each Gaia release, Armin sets the bar higher. But higher he reaches, this time with 'Stellar'. One of the sure-shots of his residency sets at the Be At Space nights on Ibiza and a highlight of the Universal Religion Chapter 5 compilation, is 'Stellar'. A solid new Gaia track, that can make any type of crowd explode. 'Stellar' is an energetic trancer with a twist of mystery, taste of tech and that spark you'll only find in the Armin studios.


  1. 0. Stellar [Armin van Buuren presents Gaia] (Original Mix) (07:34)
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