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Armin van Buuren - I Live For That Energy (ASOT 800 Anthem) EP

December 01, 2016
Atmospheric, energetic and absolutely insane. A tune this monumental can only be the theme song for A State Of Trance 800. Crafted up by none other than Armin van Buuren, this colossal Trance cut is the perfect anthem for the new era of the genre and a sure-fire way to get crowds all over the world in A State Of Trance. ‘I Live For That Energy’ is what it’s all about.


  1. 1. I Live For That Energy (ASOT 800 Anthem) (03:21)
  2. 2. I Live For That Energy (Piano Version) (03:46)
  3. 3. I Live For That Energy (Acapella) (03:02)
  4. 4. Ygrene Taht Rof Evil I (03:30)
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