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Armin van Buuren feat. BullySongs - Freefall

April 29, 2016
As the second song of Armin van Buuren's 'Embrace' album to feature one of Bullysongs' vocal contributions, 'Freefall' perfectly describes the leap Armin van Buuren took with his latest album. Through an impeccable melody, a breakdown teeming with beautiful strings, and an outstanding rendition by Manse, it's made evidently clear that shattering the boundaries of Electronic Music can lead to great achievements and great rewards.


  1. 1. Freefall (03:01)
  2. 2. Freefall (Manse Remix) (02:33)
  3. 3. Freefall (Extended Mix) (04:02)
  4. 4. Freefall (Manse Extended Mix) (04:26)
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