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Arctic Moon vs Bryan Kearney - Dreamers & Dreams

October 13, 2013
A piece for the dreamers, and a dream of uplifting trance. Arctic Moon and Bryan Kearney bring us something to light the dark skies, with their FSOE collaboration 'Dreamers & Dreams'. The first of hopefully many more collaborations of Polish producer Tomas Popielarski and Irish producer Bryan Kearney is a sure-shot at dance floor heaven. A speedy BPM, a warming melody and a build-up that lures you into its rapturous flow at an instant, that's what 'Dreamers & Dreams' is made off. Future Sound of Egypt has caught another one - a jewel.


  1. 1. Dreamers & Dreams (Original Mix) (07:59)
  2. 2. Dreamers & Dreams (Radio Edit) (04:19)
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