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Arctic Moon - Starships Over Alice

July 29, 2012
When in search of the perfect tune, Polish producer Tomas Popielarski takes his time. Time well spent, cause the sound of Arctic Moon's 'Starships Over Alice' will last much longer than the night. Home to the Future Sound of Egypt label, Arctic Moon has brought light to the darkest nights. With anthems such as 'Adelaide' and 'True Romance', the talent has showcased a sound that the crowds have come to love. Ever supported by label owners Aly & Fila, his new tune belongs nowhere else but on the FSOE label. 'Starships Over Alice' has that pounding beat, the heartfelt melody, a silencing break and all the energy to keep you going for many more nocturnal hours. Irish producer Paul Webster, quite the admirer of the harder sounds of trance, gave 'Starships Over Alice' a firm shake, with a deeper, toughened sound.


  1. 1. Starships Over Alice (Original Mix) (08:34)
  2. 2. Starships Over Alice (Paul Webster Remix) (08:07)
  3. 3. Starships Over Alice (Radio Edit) (03:42)
  4. 4. Starships Over Alice (Paul Webster Radio Edit) (03:36)
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