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Arctic Moon & Paul Webster - Valhalla

August 18, 2013
The young, but gifted minds of Arctic Moon and Paul Webster think alike. The first of hopefully many more collaborations of the Polish and UK producers, is a real gem. As the summer sun rises, so does 'Valhalla'. Setting an example for the uplifting trance genre, 'Valhalla' builds from the darker shades of trance to a break in the clouds, setting forth an uplifting melody like never before. It has all the ingredients for unforgettable hands-in-the-air moments, eyes-closed rapture and everything else to make the moment you hear it everlasting. UK's Adam Ellis speeds it up, giving it a rough tech-trance edge with acid character. As a little treat, FSOE also brings you Arctic Moon's 'We Are In The Crowd' in this package. A dark-tinted, big-room fit tune for the peak-time junkies!


  1. 1. Valhalla (Original Mix) (08:28)
  2. 2. Valhalla (Adam Ellis Remix) (08:39)
  3. 3. We Are In The Crowd (Original Mix) (06:00)
  4. 4. Valhalla (Radio Edit) (03:44)
  5. 5. Valhalla (Adam Ellis Radio Edit) (04:25)
  6. 6. We Are In The Crowd (Radio Edit) (03:00)
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