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Antillas & Vitodito feat. Fiora - Disconnected

July 29, 2013
Another dream team's giving sound to the summer of 2013. Italian producer Antillas re-unites with singer/songwriter Fiora Cutler, providing a highly anticipated follow-up to 'Damaged'. In collaboration with Italy's rising talent Vitodito, they bring the smashingly energetic 'Disconnected'! At the final stages of producing his artist album, Antillas makes the sounds of electro, house and trance join forces in one, all-destroying record. It breaks the barriers, impossible to pigeonhole, triggering the mind to go with its contagious flow. Fiora's distinctive vocals, as heard on the records of Armin van Buuren, Moguai, Erick Morillo and many more, bring out the light of this dark, tainted but incredibly smooth monster of a tune. 'Disconnected'.


  1. 1. Disconnected (Original Mix) (05:26)
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