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Antillas - Human Frames

April 24, 2014
Life on the road is a truly unique experience. While globetrotting, one gets to experience a different cross-section of life in each passing city and with every person met. It was from his tours and travels around the world that Antillas drew inspiration for his solo album 'Human Frames'. Antillas wanted every song on this album to be like a still frame — a moment in time that captures all of the different people, artists, and experiences he's encountered while on the road and which somehow struck and enriched him, all seen through his eyes. If one had to pick one word to describe 'Human Frames', it would be "eclectic". A cursory glance at the tracklist reveals an exceptional array of different vocalists, collaborators, and musical influences. The scope of the album is impressive, and every style between large-venue trance anthems, big-room bass, dubstep, and progressive house is covered. On the vocal side, Antillas enlisted heavyweights such as Christian Burns, Lady V, Chris Madin, Jenson Vaughan, and Fiora, who each offer their very own touch to this record. Together with his studio partner Dankann, Antillas brings several massive tunes aimed squarely at the dance floor. With 18 breathtaking songs, 'Human Frames' is an outstanding achievement. By the time you listen to the acoustic version of 'They Took It All' (with Anki's stunning voice), you'll understand what a journey this album must have been. Different frames —all handpicked and glued together by Antillas.


  1. 1. Antillas feat. Fiora - Damaged (03:17)
  2. 2. Antillas feat. Anki - If I Run (03:38)
  3. 3. Antillas & Dankann - Evolution (03:16)
  4. 4. Antillas - Adagio In G Minor (Antillas & Dankann Rework) (03:46)
  5. 5. Antillas & Dankann - Synapse (04:38)
  6. 6. Antillas & Vitodito feat. Fiora - Disconnected (04:00)
  7. 7. Antillas & Venom One feat. Chris Madin - Saviour (04:11)
  8. 8. Antillas - Route 66 (04:00)
  9. 9. Antillas & Dankann vs Tellur - Traction (03:47)
  10. 10. Antillas feat. Lady V - I Belong To No One (04:04)
  11. 11. Antillas - Shooting Stars (04:30)
  12. 12. Dankann & Antillas feat. Laurell - When You Love Someone (02:46)
  13. 13. Antillas & Christian Burns - Paris Is Calling (03:08)
  14. 14. Antillas & Blinders feat. Jenson Vaughan - Top Of The World (03:010)
  15. 15. Antillas & OutOfSync - Drone (04:06)
  16. 16. Antillas feat. Destineak - Silenced (04:02)
  17. 17. Antillas - Koro (03:42)
  18. 18. Antillas feat. Anki - They Took It All (Acoustic Version) (04:12)
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