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Antillas & Dankann - Evolution

December 17, 2012
By public demand, the Italian dream team returns. Fine-tuning their sound and creating a new definition of big-room, Antillas and Dankann now present their latest experiment: the rocking 'Evolution'! Highly eclectic and mass-seducing, those are the key words to Italian producers Luca Moretti and Emanuele Carrieri. Under their Antillas and Dankann monikers, both guys have built a steady career in music, through both originals and remixes. Together, their open minds and years of experience result in some of the most outstanding house tunes. 'Evolution' is another one. A belter of a tune, it's absolutely outrageous, raw and rough and blows your mind from the very moment it hits in. 'Evolution' is one of those tunes that can only be played out loud, and so you should!


  1. 1. Evolution (Club Mix) (05:15)
  2. 2. Evolution (Album Version) (03:16)
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