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Jorn van Deynhoven - Anthems (The Remixes, Pt. 2)

March 29, 2019
Drawing inspiration from Jorn van Deynhoven’s epic anthems, three of Trance’s finest pull out all the stops to cook up three blistering remixes. Supercharging cuts such as ‘Superfly’, ‘101010 (The Perfect Ten)’ and ‘Headliner’ with their own signature sounds, Heatbeat, DJ Quicksilver and Davey Asprey turn up the heat and make the crowd roar.

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  1. 1. Superfly (Heatbeat Remix) (03:35)
  2. 2. 101010 (The Perfect Ten) (DJ Quicksilver Remix) (03:00)
  3. 3. Headliner (Davey Asprey Remix) (03:33)
  4. 4. Superfly (Heatbeat Extended Remix) (05:33)
  5. 5. 101010 (The Perfect Ten) (DJ Quicksilver Extended Remix) (04:51)
  6. 6. Headliner (Davey Asprey Extended Remix) (06:25)
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